Serving South Florida

Why is Stirit Storage the best storage option for the Holidays? Because you cannot beat the convenience of Stirit Storage. You don’t need to drive to a storage unit on the other side of town. Similar to Uber Eats, we drive to you. Many people in Ft. Lauderdale suffer from anxiety, depression, and stress during the holiday season. Our unique storage service saves you both time and stress. With Stirit Storage we come to you in South Florida / Broward County.


Storing Holiday and Christmas Decorations Easily

As the 2019 Holidays are upon us, there is an incredible feeling to be the supplier of Holiday good spirits to our customers and friends. It is during this time of the year where our drivers are the predecessors of the holiday celebrations and not many things beat evidencing the customer’s faces and reactions when they receive their holiday decorations. At the moment of delivery, it is where you feel the transformation of our customers back to their happy memories.

Stirit Storage has developed a solution that allows you to store Christmas/ holiday decorations for one very competitive annual payment, eliminating all the post-holiday hassle with packing and boxing the decorations.

Please contact Stirit Storage to make storing and retrieving your holiday decorations in 2020 a stress-free process. Please watch the video below to see how one of our customers benefits from our innovative valet storage service for holiday decorations. Please note that this innovative service is available to both residential and commercial customers. We look forward to meeting your seasonal / temporary storage needs.

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