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Editor’s Note: This article was written by Ricardo Carrion. Ricardo, who founded Stirit Storage™, is a global business executive with over 20 years of combined management experience in operations, business development, supply chain management and consulting. Ricardo, who has a Vanderbilt MBA, founded Stirit Storage™ to create an alternative storage service for individuals and businesses in Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach counties. With strong communication and interpersonal skills in multicultural business settings, Ricardo has a unique perspective on how to best maintain and improve energy levels even in challenging circumstances, such as COVID-19.

Are you a business owner or manager in Tri-County South Florida, such as Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach County? One of the great reasons to use storage services is to help keep your mind focused on what’s most important. During these Social Distancing days and the “New Normal” of working from home, we are finding the need to declutter or to move things around to allow us to have a working space in our homes. There is no need to look at winter clothes in the summer or the golf clubs in your garage during your hiatus from the sport. In the spirit of helping our great business community, Stirit Storage™ proudly presents tips and recommendations to keep your energy level and business running at a high level – even during a pandemic.

We have all heard the descriptions of COVID-19. Yes, the current business environment can be very depressing depending on your business. But, the one thing that we can control is our attitude. “Unchartered territory”, “Unprecedented times”, … blah, blah, blah.  I feel these descriptors of our current COVID-19 situation, even though true, create greater concern which reduces our positive vibrations.

As a fellow business owner in Broward County, I feel that in order for our businesses to thrive our positive vibrations should be at the highest level, even in these un…, un…, un… times!  So now you are thinking: “yeah right, this guy must be writing this article from his yacht during a sail around the world, or how insensitive is this guy?!”.  Now that I have your attention, I would like to expand on what positive vibrations means.  Positive vibration describes that professional or individual, that after interacting with him, we think “Wow! I want to hang out with this guy!”

So how do we achieve this level of Positive High Vibration? According to different books and coaching seminars, we achieve high vibration through:

  • Meditation
  • Healthy Eating
  • Exercise

Of these three ingredients for achieving “Positive High-Vibrations” the toughest one to achieve in these pandemic moments is exercise.  One of the greatest challenges of these days are the social-distancing protocols in full force, which make group workouts and group runs a thing of the past, making workouts extremely challenging.  The absence of workouts, if we are not careful, can increase our stress levels and cortisol, which as a result can break down our immune systems.  Therefore, if you are used to group workouts and training buddies, social isolation eliminates your “old ways”.

I have compiled a list of suggested best practices that will approximate you as much as possible to the pre-Covid-19 training days.

Here we go:

  • Set Up Virtual Challenges – on training apps such as Peloton or Map my Run, and for a bonus bring some sidewalk chalk on your route to write down inspirational messages to your crew.
  • Try Video Chats – not too long ago I wrote a blog on video chat etiquette for business. Here is another use for it in sport, set up your group post workout hang out with your “squad”.  An important point is to make sure nobody focuses on how much they miss the social interaction and instead focus on the actual run.
  • Create an Accountability Group – I am convinced that having training buddies that make you accountable are very important. In my experience I have been able to accomplish incredible races, thanks to having a strong back-up crew that makes me feel accountable.
  • Online Training – it is amazing how we have now transitioned to online workouts, my favorites are The Yoga Joint, RO 54D, Kimberly Klein
  • Audiobooks – perhaps my most recent, most amazing discovery, I feel that I can run forever, as the audiobooks transport me to a place of extreme focus and makes running extremely enjoyable! Books on audio are also a huge conversation topic for the video chats.

Even though exercise is just one of the builders for achieving high vibration, it provides a huge impact on managing positive thoughts and also on keeping us healthy.

I hope you try some of these recommendations and remember HAPPY Workouts result in HEALTHY BUSINESS! Wishing all my fellow business owners, managers, and employees in South Florida the very best in health and energy.

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