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Self Storage for Seniors in South Florida

The Stirit Storage team providing training on home improvement to the tenants at The Village Place Apartments in Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

One of the biggest challenges faced by the elder / senior community in South Florida is “Downsizing.” Where do you leave all your memories and sentimental assets accrued during the course of your life? Fortunately, for the younger crowd / generations, their parents usually keep or store all these memorable items. These items are important because they have so much sentimental value or carry so many memories.

Dangers of Clutter and Boxes in the Home of an Older Adult

However, these memories take up space. Unfortunately, many times the items and memorabilia gather allergens and create unsafe living quarters. In other words, seniors are facing a sweet and sour relationship with their prized memories. The obvious question is why then don’t they store these memories at a self-storage facility? Well, that is easier said than done. The truth is that the traditional self-storage process and industry is not friendly to senior citizens. Actually, the traditional storage process is very inefficient and tedious.

Starting with much preparation, carrying boxes and then storing boxes and items in a place most likely far from their home. As a result of these challenges, most seniors in Ft. Lauderdale and across Broward County have decided to keep their memories in their home, which creates clutter and unsafe living quarters. According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control:

“Deaths from unintentional injuries are the seventh leading cause of death among older adults (adults who are above the age of 65). Falls account for the largest percentage of those deaths. Approximately 25% of U.S. residents aged 65 years (or older) report falling each year.” – Source AARP

Self Storage for Seniors in South Florida

Stirit Storage aims to address this issue for older adults and seniors in South Florida. We are a full-service storage solution (sometimes referred to as “valet storage”). Our service allows customers and caregivers to schedule pick-ups and deliveries from the comfort of their home (or mobile device). The fact that the belongings are picked up from the home of the elder / older adult provides a huge benefit to the elder community because it allows them to:

  • Improve the safety and quality of life of their living conditions / quarters
  • Provides a secure solution for their valued belongings
  • Provides the comfort of the storage process to be managed from home
  • 24/7 visibility of their prized belongings via the Internet

Focused on Providing the Best Service to Broward County

Stirit Storage is very focused on providing the best support and service to the elder communities in Broward County and South Florida. Our goal is to allow seniors to easily store their belongings to make the final years of their lives more safe, enjoyable, and comfortable. Do you know a senior or older adult community in Broward County Florida that would benefit from our services? We are pleased to work with children and caregivers to arrange remote storage services for their loved ones. Pricing for up to 2 Stirit Storage Bins, (which can hold hundreds of photos and other printed memories) starts at $17 per month. Best of all there is no long term contract. You can cancel our storage service at any time.