Serving South Florida

Self Storage ProblemsTraditional self storage makes you the consumer work hard. You are the one that needs to pack, load, drive, unload, and secure the unit. The hidden costs of self storage to the consumer are one of the reasons why traditional self storage is so profitable. Self storage companies charge a premium, but often offer very little in the form of customer service.

Here are some common complaints from traditional self storage customers in South Florida.

  • Where did I put my storage unit keys or storage gate code?
  • I got stuck in traffic driving to my storage unit and narrowly avoided a car accident along the way.
  • The storage center over-charged me for boxes and packing supplies.
  • The wayfinding signs were non-existent and I spent 25 minutes trying to find my climate-controlled storage space.
  • The storage facility did not have good lighting, was located in a bad part of town, and was dirty. I did not feel safe.

We promise that Stirit Storage™ customers will never be heard making these complaints above. Stirit Storage™ allows you to bypass all of these traditional self storage problems. For busy professionals or senior citizens who do not wish to brave the crazy traffic in Ft. Lauderdale, Stirit Storage™ is the common sense storage solution for people who are willing to embrace new ideas and concepts. Please contact us to learn more about our innovative and customer friendly storage service.

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