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FUN the New Community Builder

So when was the last time you got paid to have fun? In our times, we find that the use of technology sometimes takes over. The fast pace of business, globalization and the millennial workforce have created the perfect scenarios for individualized workdays, weeks, and months. Even though current business / economy is becoming more efficient, there is a loss of the “Human Touch” element. This loss of human interaction can make the life of current young professionals lonely and many times stressful. New research from Mintel reveals that almost three in ten (28%) Younger Millennials (aged 24-31) drink at home because they believe ‘it takes too much effort to go out.*

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Broward County Community Involvement

As a result of this lifestyle change, apartment and rental communities are looking to incorporate and integrate their resident populations through “FUN” activities. Stirit Storage™ is interested in community support and involvement in our local market, Broward County. In fact, Stirit Storage™ is very active in trying to support the local communities with a “Human Touch.” Our valet storage service comes to your door with a friendly representative. We know what it means to be human, and we know that human interactions matter.

Stirit Storage™ is partnering with many of the new rental communities in downtown Fort Lauderdale. We love to promote social events that encourage community development and using FUN as the way to building a strong local community in Broward County. Some of the locations we are currently developing FUN activities are The Whitney, The Manor, and The Village Apartments. Our involvement aims at gathering members of these rental communities and encouraging social interaction. Yes, FUN builds communities…even in 2019!

*, June 24, 2018

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