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What Our Customers Say

I honestly can say it has been a lifesaver for me. We do not have a garage at home and all the holidays items are now at Stirit with just a phone call away. I just called for them to bring the Halloween bin and next day they were at my door!!! Best service ever!! They came right away and took the bins..I didn’t have to carry a thing. I have referred them to my job also where they need to storage documents for a time period. Very satisfied and highly recommended.

Carla B, Posted on Google

Stirit Storage customer service was excellent, the rep answered all my questions and provided the information I requested. They offer storage for small and large items, conduct a full inventory of your belongings before they take them to storage and bring them back to you when you need them. Very awesome service, I would recommend Stirit Storage to anyone looking for storage services.

Andres Montero, Posted on Google

I have been using Stirit Storage for a couple of months here in Florida and has freed up so much space in my house! My Florida townhouse doesn’t have a basement, nor a coat space or anything extra, and their service allowed me to pay for only what I was storing. Their website allowed me to see where my stuff is all the time, as well as giving me a list of everything that I had in each bin. Truly makes your life easier storage-wise!

Nicolás Dawson, Posted on Google

I was impressed with this new model for storage. I did not have to carry nor load any van or truck as they came, stored products in bins, inventoried my belongings, took them to storage and have given me access to a virtual closet for me to request my things whenever I need them. The team at Stirit was very professional and I still am impressed with how easy and convenient it has been to store my things. Storage for the future!

Giuliana Marcenaro, Posted on Google

Excellent idea !!!!! very convenient, would recommended to anyone.
The best thing is that you just call to get your belongings and never leave your home.

Peter Brinkerhoff, Posted on Google