Serving South Florida

Valet Storage is a premium storage service for busy professionals and individuals who may not be able to physically transport their items to a local self storage facility. Our service is unique because we come to your house or business to collect your belongings for storage. Whether you are too busy to drive to a self storage facility in Ft. Lauderdale or unable to drive for medical reasons, Stirit Storage™ is your trusted local storage service in Broward County.

Valet Storage

“Stirit Storage™ is like the Uber of self storage. Convenient, easy, and best of all you can manage / monitor your stored items on your phone or computer via their Virtual Closet.” – Jonathan Weindruch

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Pricing Options are Simple

Choose the space you need, and nothing more! You can always increase or decrease your storage. You must select one of our 5 plan options. Once you have selected a plan, you can add larger items like tables, chairs, beds, etc. to the plan by selecting them from the list provided. When you have finished selecting your plan and adding any additional items you want to store, you will receive your monthly price. We are quite confident you will love our pricing!

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